If called to serve our community then I will make sure the voices of our residents are heard. Every decision that I make will have the thoughts, concerns and praises of our community. I will make sure that any development brought forward to the town will be scrutinized and follows our Master Plan. The reason our town is a great place to live is because of the high standards that we hold our developers to. That vision will not be lost on me. If called to serve I will work with our town staff and our traffic consultant to come up with better solutions to our traffic shortcomings.

The town has a triple A rating because we pay our debts on time. I will take a line item by line item action to our budget and build it accordingly to need and limit unnecessary spending. We must be very strict in what we allow for development in our Conservation District. We only get to preserve nature once. If our rural areas in the cross timbers is destroyed then we cannot bring it back and it will be gone forever.


I’m Ben Bumgarner. Join my team and make a difference in the community.