Flower Mound Town Councilman Place 3

My name is Ben Bumgarner. I was raised in McKinney, Texas. I have seen firsthand what uncontrolled growth does to a city. I spent 5th grade-8th grade in portable school buildings. The only grades I saw inside an actual classroom were kindergarten – 4th grade and then 9th – 12th grade with a couple classes in high school being in portable buildings. As McKinney’s growing pains began so did mine. The population grew from roughly 50k people to 80k people when I graduated from High School in 2002.

When I graduated college in 2007 from Austin College in Sherman, Texas the city was celebrating its 100,000th resident. Traffic and infrastructure were problems along with a divide between the east side and west side of towns. My wife and I bought our home in Flower Mound in 2013 and were married in 2014. We moved here to get away from the urban sprawl. We live in West Flower Mound where we enjoy the nature and beauty of the cross timbers. There are over 60 big trees in our yard and it is quiet. In 2016 the land behind us sold and developments are starting to move in. The sign of progress. The last year my morning routine has gone from quiet nature filled sounds to that of construction. People want to move here and it is great for our community. What isn’t great is the vision and seemingly aimless direction that the development is going.


Every vote counts. Your contribution is your commitment to our democracy and our way of life. Every person’s contribution is more than just money in a bucket. It’s a commitment by you to fulfill your civic duty and to preserve our union through the election process.


If called to serve the Residents of Flower Mound then I will hold true the vision of the town and embrace our “country feel” while preserving our town heritage.


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